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Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha! 


"Varnanjali is my humble effort to bring all kinds of artistic interests like dance, music, and theatre under one roof. There has been tremendous efforts by different artists in propagating our rich cultural heritage and tradition to the present generation and I aspire to be one among them. 

Classical dance forms of India have undergone a wide range of transformation in the years that passed by, and there is little scope for students today to understand the dance in its pure, original form. Varnanjali tries to shed light on the cultural history and make students proud of it, thereby showcasing their talent with the kind of energy that it really needs. 

With the knowledge that I have attempted to gather from experiences in dance and outside it, I have come to realise that we have rich resources that are easily available and all it takes is some effort to show them to the right people. This shall truly be my goal throughout my artistic venture and I invite all dancers, musicians, theatre performers, friends and well wishers to join hands with me to help me reach my goal! Thank you for all the love! 

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